Q-Dir and known bugs!

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Q-Dir and known bugs!

1. List view and stupid mouse selection jumps W10 build 1703Redstone 2/ 1709Redstone 3!

User  Report Drag select bug:
There is a long standing bug (at least on my system) in Q-Dir pertaining to drag-select, which throws the mouse pointer across the screen (upon moving the mouse in any direction if the left mouse button have been pressed and held down), even into the lower right corner of my second monitor.
I'm using Q-Dir 7.25 (x64) on Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709 build 16299.666, with IE 11.666.162990
Otherwise, Q-Dir works perfectly. Thanks for creating the application!

This is a bug from W10 1709  1803 is OK 

I checked the battery usage and found Q-Dir!

User  Report bug:

First of all, thanks a lot for your very useful software. I've been using Q-Dir for a year or more and I haven't looked back to other file explorers. 
I've noticed that Q-Dir is always using the CPU (2-5 %) in the background even if it is not doing anything in particular. This wouldn't be a problem if I would  only use one Q-Dir window. However, I use four virtual desktops in my Windows 10 machine, which makes every window of Q-Dir to use 2-5 % of CPU (x4). This in total produces up to 20 % of CPU usage. This is not a big problem for my i5 Intel processor when it is connected to the grid, but the other day I felt that the battery drained fast. I checked the battery usage and found Q-Dir to be the responsible program.
Is this normal or is my Q-Dir installation not working properly with my system?


I know
Become a kind:
standby mode or sleep mode in Q-Dir
develop especially at 64 folders at the same time
I will do my best

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Q-Dir and known bugs!


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