Windows File Explorer as the default file manager!

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Here is the solution how to restore Windows 11, 10, ... File Explorer as the default file manager for all folders!

1.) ... The script to rescue!
2.) ... Why are there problems?
3.) ... Classic procedure Standard file manager for the Windows operating system!

1.) The script to rescue!

Microsoft Windows Explorer again as standard for everything under Windows 11, 10, ... + MS Server!

Please start Q-Dir and deactivate the option in Q-Dir (... see Image-1 Point 3)

▼ Main menu ▼ Extras ▼ Q-Dir as default browser ► .....

You can also check other options:

▼ Main menu ▼ Extras ▼ Q-Dir as default browser ► Admin (... see Image-1 Point 4 and 5 )

Please use ... always the latest Q-Dir file manager version!

TIP: Important information can also be found in the ►► Q-Dir FAQ ◄◄

At problems with the registry settings (and OLDER Q-Dir Versions or BAD-Uninstall)! 

Or Download the registry script  ► ...

With this script will be all possible registry entries of Q-Dir are deleted.
If not works! Is the cause really Q-Dir and not another software?

(Image-1) Set Windows Explorer as the default file manager!
Set Windows Explorer as the default file manager!

►► .... how-to-add-modify-or-delete-registry-subkeys-and-values-by-using-a-reg

2.) Why are there problems?

If you set Q-Dir as the  "standard browser for everything", problems can arise because other programs also use MS Explorer. You can then change it again using the same option. It is similar to Internet Explorer and the branches in the system and applications are very extensive, so that one does not immediately recognize or is aware of any indirect connections!

So with options 1 and 2 there are no problems. 

With the option "Q-Dir as standard browser for everything" problems can arise. 

Then deactivate it again, or ►►  use script to rescue!

(Image-2) Windows Explorer as the default file manager and not the Q-Dir!
Windows Explorer as the default file manager and not the Q-Dir!

3.) Classic procedure Standard file manager for the Windows operating system!

Windows Explorer, now known as File Explorer in newer versions of Windows, is the default file manager for the Windows operating system. File Explorer is used to browse and manage files and folders on your computer. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for navigating your file system, copying, moving, deleting, and organizing files and folders.

Here's how to access File Explorer and make sure it's set as the default file manager:

Access File Explorer:

You can open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E on your keyboard.
Alternatively, you can click the folder icon on the Windows taskbar or search for “File Explorer” in the Windows search bar and select it from the search results.

Set File Explorer as Default:

Windows usually sets File Explorer as the default file manager by default. However, if for some reason it is not set as the default, you can set it as follows:

Right-click the Start button and select Settings (or press Windows key + I).

In the Settings window, click Apps.

Select “Default Apps” in the left sidebar.

Under “Default Apps,” you should see an option for “File Explorer.” Click on it.

In the next window you can set File Explorer as the default for processing file operations.

Setting File Explorer as the default file manager ensures that it opens when you double-click folders or use other file-related features in Windows.

  1. Hey, I've been using Q-Dir for a long time now. And there is one thing I really hate about Windows atm: The fact that whenever I open something from any of my browsers or any other program, it goes to the system explorer instead of Q-Dir. I really want to know if it's even possible to make Windows 10 use Q-Dir all the time instead of the system file explorer.?
  2. When i uncheck "Q-Dir as default browser." and double click folder files, i cant open the folder and it says "app cannot found". what should i do?
  3. Hi Q-DIR installed and given the permissions to handle everything - now after the deinstallation I can no longer click folder. I always get the message that no program is stored, etc. I suspect by the registry entries through Q-DIR destroyed the explode assignment. Is there a workaround?
  4. Under "Extras" I can set Q-Dir as the standard browser. My question now is: How can I undo this setting?
  5. When I unstalled the Q-dir, I can't open the system explorer, it shows the System exploer missed.
  6. I would like to re-establish Explorer as the default Explorer instead of QDIR. When I try to cancel QDir as default Explorer I get a rejection stating RegisterAdminKey4_EZETWETRFSD=2
  7. How can I reset the folder by opening Windows Explorer?
  8. But I want to completely back to explorer. What should I do. I can't find useful information in the Q&A please help me.?
  9. Hello, since the creators update double-clicking on a desktop folder opens permanently Q-Dir. But I do not want to have that by default, because every time another Q-Dir window opens?
  10. Hi,after try Q-Dir a bit, I want to back to original Explorer. But I found after quit Q-Dir, any programs in my computer can't open Explorer.exe anymore. And now when I reopen the Q-Dir. Any folders open from Explorer are display in Q-Dir too.?
  11. Since a short time the error that I can open any control panel and folders on the desktop more, there is always the following message: "Application not found" I had with an older Q-Dir version of the Q-Dir as the main Explorer set the old I have uninstalled, however, comes in the context menu in the first place "* Q-Dir" and the old there is not more. How can I fix this?
  12. I had the famous Quad Explorer QDir as the standard browser for everything, but have now removed "this PC". If I click on "This PC", "Application not found" I want to open Microsoft Windows Explorer again!
  13. First of all, I want to apologize because I use a translator who does not really speak English. I have been using Q-dir for a long time and I have always been happy with it. But, tonight I tried the 'Q-dir as default browser' option, which I didn't like because it cut me off from Windows Explorer. So I disabled this option (Q-dir as default browser) and since then, when I double click on a folder, VLC is launched. (??) Can you help me find normal behavior for Windows Explorer please? In advance, a big thank you.?
  14. I use your QDir Portable program. I have settings that I can not undo. I no longer want QDir to be the default browser in the operating system. Where can I switch this off again or bring it to the original state? When I open the Explorer now, all folders are opened with QDir. When I delete QDir no folders are opened and an error message program is not found. On your tips to Windows Explorer as the default file manager! do not help. How can I restore the default file manager?
  15. After I set Q-Dir as the file manager, I cancelled it later and found that my left-click double-click changed to something else. He opened and modified my cheeks for the folder. How can I restore it?
  16. I once set the famous quad explorer Q-Dir as the standard explorer for everything. Someday. I'll change the default and go back to Windows Explorer. But every time I double click to open the subfolder, it uses Visual Studio as the default process program. How can you fix that? Now the only way is to set the standard back to Q-Dir, otherwise I have no idea what to fix on my Microsoft Windows OS 10 and MS Server 2019 + 2021.
  17. I use Windows Explorer and Q-Dir in parallel. This version has a feature that has been featured in earlier versions of Q-Dir. When I click on a directory in Win Explorer in the detail area, Q-Dir opens. I DO NOT WANT THAT! There is no special switch in Q-Dir, right? My solution was previously uninstall Q-Dir and wait for the next version and hope that this ERROR was resolved.?
  18. Cannot change to the system's file explorer after changing the file browser to the default Q-Dir
  19. After I uninstalled Q-Dir, double-clicked on my desktop to open my computer, prompting me with Explorer.exe error.
  20. Unfortunately, I can't get along with Quad Windows Explorer, I have therefore uninstalled the program again, but Windows Explorer no longer works. When you double-click on a folder (to open it), the message "Application not found" appears, With APP & Features is still listed despite the uninstallation, what can I do to make my system work again with Windows Explorer, unfortunately the system restore did not work because no restore point was found before installing Quad, I also got reinstalled but still the error described above?

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Windows File Explorer as the default file manager!


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